Danger with Facebook: Do not fall for these applications!

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Facebook for some time, is not so safe as it once was, and there is more danger to your personal information and for computers.
Some applications that once were "just" annoying spam that repeatedly appear and that will always be someone, as long as you thought it was no longer possible, fall for it, now with all this can harm your computer.

Change the color of your Facebook!

This application claims that it can change the color of your Facebook, but like many other suspicious applications before it requires the user before installing respond to series of personal questions and complete a survey that lead its creators is actually earn money.
Once you have this application investigate the company in charge of security have found that it can cause more damage than what was originally believed: it steals your information about the authenticity of your account and then create a blog using your Google account information. Links to these blogs are automatically posted on the "victim" and marked with a series timeline friends to fraud as faster and more spread. The creators of these applications are made after the English and Spanish and a French version.

Who has visited your profile?!

Although this kind of curiosity you sometimes end up eating away, you should not contact with the applications they offer this option because there are simply not legitimate, and it is most likely that this is a completely identical frauds as well as the application to change the color: hers only goal is to get hold the money and your personal information.

Facebook Credits!

These are virtual credits to help you get the for example dollars into Zynga Farmville application. Many "credit fraud" will ask you to install the application in exchange for Facebook credits, and most of them will not even pushing "go" through the original application for playing. It is impossible to get these types of loans without paying them, and the vast majority of these applications will take you to a page full of viruses.

Take care of "clicks"!

The thing that users should pay attention is that these types of applications increase the risk of spread your personal data, but also the possibility that the entire computer is infected with a virus. If you had a suspicious link or the title with too many superlatives, exclamation points, different guidance to think it's the greatest sensation in the world, think twice before you click on "open."

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