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Becoming A Guest Author

As a guest author you bring your voice to a new large audience, building your profile and credentials.You also get to add 2 do-follow links to your blog (You may also add a link to one of your social profiles.), website or anywhere you choose (With some exceptions) added to the post so you really are reaching a new audience and as the primary readership of this Blog is people who keep their own Blogs you are connecting with like minded readers.The links are added as do-follow in an about the author section below post.Self serving links are not allowed in the main parts of the post.

What Type Of Posts We Are Looking For ?

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here.Remember you don't need to be an expert some of the best posts involve Bloggers sharing their personal experiences and things they have learned or mistakes they may have made.

Suggest Topics Include:

-Social Networking / Bookmarking Tips
-Tools or Gadgets for Blogging
-Tips and tricks on writing
-How to write posts effectively
-Topics and niches
-Blog Promotion

Not An Expert ?  I want this opportunity to be available to everyone so if you're not 'Tech Savvy' why not write about your experience blogging.

I think you get the idea - if it can help a Blogger in any way i would love to have you write a post or posts.It can also be derived from your own personal experiences within Blogging. There is no minimum length for your post, but usually the guest posts have over 400 words.


* Your post doesnt need to be original and you can copy it from somewhere!

* We may make minor edits to posts.

Your Author Links

As stated above you will get to add two do-follow links in your author bio.As a bonus you can add an extra link to one of your social profiles, this link will however have a no-follow attribute added.

We accept and recommend rel="author" links connected to your Google+ account, This will act as a social link and not be counted as one of your two main links.

We will not publish posts with links to off topic sites such as Credit Card Sites, Loan and General finance sites, Gambling sites etc..

We will not accept very long tail keywords as anchor text.Sure; you can use keywords as anchor text but don't go crazy 2-3 words should be enough for even the most ambitious of us.

Fresh, With Feeling And Your Voice

The real buzz word for us is 'FRESH'.As you have seen guest posts can cover a wide range of subjects but it is vital the content is new and offers our readers new information.It is also great when posts have some personality, use your voice when writing.

Go The Extra Mile

If you could add the following it would help speed up the process and make the post look better.These are all optional.

- An author image, An Image of yourself we can add to the author bio section, this makes the post more personal.The perfect size is 100x100px, once it is less than 300x300 we can re size it.

- A post image, All posts have an Image floated right at the top.If you could add a relevant image that would be great.

Submit Your Post, Idea or Ask For More Info

OK To Get Started You Can Contact Me By Email.

If you have a post ready Great, send it in the format you are most comfortable with (Text, HTML, Document, Zip, etc or if your unsure just paste it into the Email) and i will get back to you.


Thanks again for your interest and i look forward to hearing from you.

Admir Livnjak - Founder Of Create The Blogger.

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