Google Update Page Rank Has Yours Increased ?

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Google today updated their page rank (PR) or the so called toolbar page rank.Page rank is basically a signal of how important any given page is in Googles eyes.Page rank goes from 0 (zero) to 10 (Ten) with 10 being the highest thus the best.The page rank we see is called toolbar page rank as it was first displayed on the Google toolbar although there are many other ways to view it.In general people refer to their website or blog PR by the PR of the home page, but every single page on your blog will have it's own PR. And even more from the great Matt Cutts Here.

In this post i want to look at how the change effected My Blogs, What will an increase mean, How to check your blogs page rank and some tips on increasing your page rank.

Our Page Rank ?

The update was very kind to Spice Up Your Blog as it has jumped from PR3 to PR5, many posts have a page rank of 3-4 also.It is a small percentage of blogs that reach PR5 (Half way up the ladder)  so I'm delighted to achieve it and see my hard work pay off.As a large part of Page Rank is from people linking to a site i would like to thank everyone that links to us and hope you continue to do so.I actually got a bit of a surprise to see our Blogger template site BestBloggerTemplates.Net jumped from PR0 to PR3, considering the domain was only connected a few months ago (Was formally it's great.I have had other blogs also increase, my Social Icon site also jumped from PR0 to PR3.

What Will Increased Page Rank Do ?

When we talk about things like page rank it is important to remember it is just one signal.Spice Up Your Blog going from PR3 to PR5 does not necessarily indicate that i will see an instant increase in traffic from Google.It does show I'm heading in the right direction and performing well in search but many more factors come into play.

How Can You Increase Your Page Rank ?

Google use over 200 signals to determine Page Rank, some we know others are kept private.The main signal is backlinks, links Google find around the web pointing to your blog.If lots of people link to your blog it must be good, makes sense huh ? This post has more on the subject - Building Backlinks And Information To Increase Google Search Rank And Page Rank. What you need to be doing is publishing Regular Good Unique content, Building Links to that content and staying patient allowing natural links to build.You can find lots of information and tools for this in our selection of Blogger SEO.
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