Learn how Facebook keeps track of your activities on the Internet!

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As we all know that Facebook follows our online activities - even when we give ourselves the information about what we love, who we socialize, where we leave and the like, the company monitors our activities and when we're not on Facebook, or when surfing other websites.

See which of your personal data on Facebook is not protecting

Team from Business Insider decided to check on us the way Zuckerberg and company are monitored, using an Abin DNT + Fejs learn that our activities are monitored by more than 200 so-called. tracker, where each application tracker (among others, cookies) through which the web pages are recorded or shared online activity.

Targeting or spying?

In this way the information is recorded on the user's interests (such information ga interest, purchasing habits, etc.) that advertisers can use to target ads to users placed on things that interest them. At Business Insider says: 'Advertiser companies call this targeting. Critics call it spying. "

Sarah Downey from Abinea reporters BI said that users should pay attention to these trackers who, in addition to damaging their privacy, they are recorded and transferred large amounts of data, which results in slower page load.

She explains that when users access a Web site, their browser communicates with the server, and the page you are on these pages are hidden and different trackers that users will not even know they exist and can not find them without any special software for privacy. Trackers send applications for a variety of information such as geographic location, which pages users visit, the links you click on record and user names from Facebook.

Trackers on the Facebook are linked to Facebook Connect option, or with Facebook button that is located on a very large number of Web sites and via her Facebook sends a special Javascript code that allows you to track and, in some cases, this code can be stored on your computer cookies that new will send new requests for more information.

They will know all Zuckerbergov new blow to privacy?!

Journalists Business Insider have decided, using Abina software, check the way through these trackers Facebook captures and monitors our data and online activity. Once you have cleaned the history of surfing and web browser cache, you first have opened Facebook and they were immediately after logging program showed that the most popular social network has 228 tracker through which monitor their online activities.

Interestingly, in Facebook that I can not speak to what it specifically requests that you send trackers relationships, until we see what those specific requirements in order and in what way are used.

After Facebook, journalists BI opened its own page and posted a message on Facebook - Now tracker number has grown to eight, with a further opening pages and links from Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the end of trackers has increased to more than 300

After this test, the Business Insider sure what they are all trackers record the information and concluded that Facebook is most interested in articles that we read on the internet that we publish links to social networks and, of course, you buy on the internet. This study once again showed us how Facebook monitors and monitors these social network 'knows' everything you do on the internet and when we're not on Facebook.

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