Pop Up Fixed Bookmarking Gadget For Blogger

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In this post we see how to add a very cool Social Bookmarking gadget to your blog.But unlike most Social Media gadgets, Sharing gadgets and Bookmarking gadgets that are placed above or below posts this gadget is fixed at the bottom of your blog and can be used at any time for readers to Bookmark and Share your blog.The gadget displays 8 of the most popular social sites at all times and slides up to reveal 16 more options for your readers.Other options include a minimize button for the reader to hide the buttons and pop them back up when required.Installing the gadget on your blog is quick and easy and will help get you more exposure and more visitors.


Add Pop Up Bookmarking Gadget To Your Blog

Step 1. In your dashboard click 'Design' > 'Add A Gadget'

Step 2. From The Pop Up Menu Select 'Html/Javascript' 

Step 3. Copy The Code Below And Paste It Into The Area Provided - See Image Below Code.

<a href="http://www.createtheblogger.blogspot.com"><small>Grab Bookmark Gadget</small></a><a href="http://web.informer.com/button/providers/list"><img id="Webinformer_FavoritesButton_Button" src="http://s.web.informer.com/images/b2.gif" alt="Web Informer Button" style="border: 0" /></a>
<script src="http://s.web.informer.com/favorites-button.js?glass," type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8"></script><a href='http://www.createtheblogger.blogspot.com'><img alt='Best Blogger Tips' src='http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_rKG-ziTSNUQ/TQ5eV0U0EiI/AAAAAAAACik/xo2eFaDbfrE/s1600/best+blogger+tips.png'/></a>

Step 4. Save The Gadget - You can now drag and drop the gadget anywhere on your design page and it will still appear in the same location on your blog.

Thats it a cool expandable Pop Up Bookmark and Share gadget fixed on your blog.Check out more of the great Bookmarking Gadgets we have for your blog here - Social Bookmark Gadgets.
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