How To Display AdSense When Using Blogger Dynamic Views Templates

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A question I was asked on the post "Always Display The Sidebar On Blogger Dynamic Views Templates" is "Can we have AdSense on Dynamic Views Templates".I had a quick look into it and the answer is yes.So in this post I will show you the steps involved to put AdSense on Blogger Dynamic Views.

Now as far as I can see the AdSense units used are all 768x90 and 120x600.They are displayed between posts, below posts and beside posts.For the classic and sidebar templates Units are on the home page and posts for all other Dynamic templates units are on posts.In fact the AdSense set up on posts, 120x600 unit on the right with 768x90 below posts is great (See Image Below).

How To Add AdSense To Dynamic Views Templates

Well first of course you need to have an AdSense account.Once your AdSense approved follow these steps.

1) In Your Blogger Dashboard click the Drop Down menu > Choose Earnings.

2) Under 'Sign up for Google AdSense to display ads targeted to your blog content'.Click Get Started, OK if you don't have an AdSense account you will be shown how to apply, If you do ads will be added and you will be presented with further options.

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