Create An Email Logo With Your Email Address

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One of the cool things i have started to see appear in the sidebars of blogs is the Email address of the author in an image using the logo of the Email provider.If you have not seen them yet they look great and are very easy to create.Below i have created three Email Logo images for Gmail, Yahoo Mail and HotMail.There are over 20 different Email providers they have logos for and you can also change from .com to .ca, .fr, etc...

How To Create A Email Logo

Step 1. Follow This Link To Nexodyne.

Step 2. Enter your email, select provider and domain, click generate.

Step 3. You can now use the URL provided or save the image to your computer and upload it to Blogger or another service.

Turn Your Email Logo Into A Clickable Link

The Email Logo image would be OK on its own just displaying you email so readers can contact you.However You may want to make your newly created Email Logo image into a link people can click to send you an email here is how it's done.

Copy The Code Below And Replace :

IMAGE-URL-HERE with the URL of your Email Logo
EMAIL@ADDRESS.COM with your email address

<a href="mailto:EMAIL@ADDRESS.COM"><img src="IMAGE-URL-HERE" /></a>

Add the edited code to a HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget in your sidebar.
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