Build Backlinks While Earning AdSense Revenue

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This time the site we are looking at is Best Reviewer a brand new website that lets you create 'Tops Lists', put links to your blog in the lists and shares the Revenue from the AdSense with you.In fact you get 100% from the main AdSense unit (Directly under the title) and you also choose what size you want that unit to be.

What Are Tops Lists ?

Tops lists are Top 5, Top 10 style lists in fact you can create a list anywhere from Top 3 to Top 20.You give the list a title like 'Top 10 Blogger Tips And Tricks', name each Tip and add the URL to that tip ! So if you have for example a cookery blog you can create top 5 recipe lists and link to each of the recipes on your blog, once you publish you will have just built 5 back links to your blog.As all you need is a short introduction and conclusion along with your list and a line or two of text on each of the top 5, you can create a full list in less than 5 minutes.Also when filling out your account info you can include your Blog or website address and it appears at the foot of each top list you write, so even if your writing a fun top list or a top list to other sites you still get a back link.

Screenshot - See below a Top 5 List I Created Of Best Magazine Templates With Links Circled

How To Join

Joining is easy, follow this link to Best Reviewer then click the Log In link, you will be provided with the option to create an account.Give your desired username and Email and you can also add your AdSense ID at this stage or leave it until your ready to start creating Tops.Best Reviewer will send you an Email with your new password and a confirmation link.That's it your ready to start building back links and earning AdSense.Note - They generate a password for you but i suggest changing to something you will remember as soon as you log in (Edit Your Account).This site is new so you can get in at the ground level and have your Tops in Most viewed lists etc..Also Best Reviewer is from the makers of popular Article website 'She Told Me' (She Told Me Is Also A AdSense Share Site Check Out She Told Me Here) so you know it will be a success.

Final Note - Remember you can create Top on any subject and you don't have to link to your site or any site you can create fun lists and still Earn some cash, Enjoy !
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