A Lightweight Pop Up Style Survey For All Blogs

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Something I have been seeing a lot on blogs and websites is the pop up survey from Qualaroo.It's actually a neat way to run a survey on your blog, it sits in the corner of the page big enough to grab the attention of the reader but not so big as to block content.It also has a close option so if readers are not interested they can get rid of it.

The default survey is set to ask readers how they found your site but there are a number of set surveys and you can create your own with any questions you want.You then have an account dashboard you access to view the stats and results.
The survey can be easily added to BloggerWordpress (self hosted only), Tumblr and TypePad blogs and below I have links to tutorials for each.

Add The Survey To Your Blog

First you need to set up your survey and get the code here is a link to Qualaroo to do just that.

Once you have the code Qualaroo have tutorials for each blogs platform :

Add To Blogger
Plugin For WordPress
Add To Tumblr
Add To TypePad 

What do you think, will you use it ?

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